異なる- $$$ - the only verb of the bunch. To differ.

と異なる: use と when one thing is very specifically NOT like the other thing.

に異なる :use に when you want to say that something is different according to the circumstances (like XXXによって違う)

 Alsoyou can use it as an adjective, like so:異なるXXX.(i.e.different feelings on the matter) (not 異なってる)

差  (さ) mathematical difference. Usually used in math, or the phrase 年の差が大きい!(the age difference between them is so big!)

・食い違い-AAA -this is a BAD difference - a discrepancy or gap (i.e. credibility gap).

・相違 - そうい - AA - NP - a difference. more formal/newspaperish.

区別・相違・異なり Kubetsu / Soui / kotonari = difference discrepancy ???

距離・きょり: ???

間隔:そうい: ???

(6;4) kyori / kankaku / soui ? distance or gap